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Cedar Mill Community Library is excited to provide audio podcasts for and about our community. Subscribe via RSS to hear when new episodes are available. We have a variety of audio programs that you can access through this website:

  • Founders' Oral History - Travel back in time to the early days of the library's founding. Listen as these community activists share their memories of the grassroots movement that resulted in today's Cedar Mill Community Library.
  • Community Oral History - In 2009, in honor of Oregon's sesquicentennial, we recorded 14 interviews with local immigrants and descendents of immigrants to illustrate the importance of immigration on our community. More interviews were added in 2011. This Oral History Project was done with the help of Matt Hiefield and his history students at Sunset High School. More information...

Founder History 2012 Georgie & Jack Thurber

Georgie and Jack Thurber moved to the Cedar Mill area in 1971 and within a few years, were deeply involved in the creation of the Cedar Mill Community Library.  They served on the board, edited many of the early newsletters, helped to organize the MESS and many other early library activities.  This interview with them was recorded in December 2011 and includes many interesting stories and insights about the founding of the library. This interview is part of a larger project funded by the Oregon Cultural Trust and the Cultural Coalition of Washington County to capture the memories of our three decades of service by digitizing and providing online access to historic photographs, articles, documents and oral histories about the library's founding.

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