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Cedar Mill & Bethany Libraries Podcasts

Listen to staff picks, teen book discussions, library performances, oral histories from local immigrants and the history of the library from some of its founders. 

  • Words of Wiser - Various members of our staff gather to discuss what we are reading, watching or listening to. Get great recommendations from our friendly staff.
  • The Chowder Chat with the Teen Library Council, where they share their views on pop culture, literary news and more! 
  • Parent Information Series - This annual workshop series explores parenting issues with experts in their fields. When we record one of these workshops, it will appear here. 
  • Founders' Oral History - Travel back in time to the early days of the library's founding. Listen as these community activists share their memories of the grassroots movement that resulted in today's Cedar Mill Community Library.
  • Community Oral History - In 2009, in honor of Oregon's sesquicentennial, we recorded 14 interviews with local immigrants and descendants of immigrants to illustrate the importance of immigration on our community. More interviews were added in 2011. This Oral History Project was done with the help of Matt Hiefield and his history students at Sunset High School. More information...

Dec 24, 2022

Staff from the Cedar Mill & Bethany Libraries gather in December 2022 to discuss our favorite books, movies, TV, games, music and more from 2022. You can place holds on these titles on our website.

Topics discussed are:

1:12 Our favorites:

  • Tomorrow, Tomorrow & Tomorrow – Mark 
  • Nona the Ninth – Christine
  • The Monk & Robot series – Marti
  • Vespertine - Sabrina
  • The Darkness Outside Us – Will
  • Isla to Island – Laura B.

7:42 Bethany Library Favorites

  • The Stars Did Wander Darkling - Christine
  • Demon Copperhead 
  • Nightmare Alley and Cabinet of Curiosities 

11:03 Books for Children

  • Mel Fell - Laura B.
  • The Used-to-be Best Friend
  • The Marvellers 

13:26 Books for Teens

  • Iron Widow – Will 
  • Firekeeper's Daughter – Christine
  • All My Rage - Mark
  • Teen Council favorites - Mark 

17:11 Graphic Novels and Manga

  • Devils Candy – Sabrina and Christine  
  • The Well – Mark
  • The Nice House on the Lake – Marti
  • Play It Cool, Guys – Christine
  • The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza - Laura B.

22:10 Fiction for Adults

  • The Spear Cuts Through Water – Marti
  • Less is Lost – Will
  • Remarkably Bright Creatures – Laura B. 

24:36 Nonfiction for Adults

  • Confessions of a Bookseller - Christine 
  • Worn: A People’s History of Clothing- Sabrina
  • The Flag the Cross and the Station Wagon – Will
  • Emma Dreams of Stars (GN) – Laura B.

28:15 Movies, TV and Streaming

  • Bullet Train - Marti
  • Turning Red
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once
  • Andor – Mark
  • The Offer - Mark 

33  Music and Podcasts

  • The World ep 1: Movement - Sabrina  
  • Cool People Who did Cool Stuff - Mark 

35:22 Video Games & Online Games

  • Unrailed! - Sabrina 
  • Redactle - Sabrina 

37:15 Board Games

  • Wingspan - Mark 
  • Terraforming Mars – Mark 

38:34 Our Favorites part 2

  • I Must Betray You – Mark 
  • Home is Where the Heart is (Good Dog) - Laura B. 
  • Princess Floralinda and the Forty Flight Tower- Sabrina 
  • This Is Not a Book About Benedict Cumberbatch - Christine